Today, your life is a blank canvas. You are the artist. Whatever you do...whatever you say...whatever you all on the canvas. Draw something – and paint over it. Do it again. Try something different. After all, it is YOUR canvas.

You’ll carry that canvas with you your entire life. And as you get to the end of your life, you're going to have this painting, which is your life...which you've been drawing on your whole life. The good, the bad, the stops, the starts, the changes in the light, the dark, the color. That’s what you’re going to have...and you know what it’s going to be called?

It’s going to be called your masterpiece.

And it’s all got to do with what you draw today...and tomorrow...and the next day. Enjoy. 

Enjoy your masterpiece. And remember, your masterpiece isn’t just the final product – it’s all those things you’ve put into it every step of the way.

See you next week!