I don't always do this but when someone says, “How you doing?”,  I say, “You want to know how bad or do you want to know how good it is? ‘Cuz it’s just as bad as it is good and just as good as it is bad – which one do you want?” That always surprises people – it’s “TMI”! 

But we could all do that. We’ve all got terrible parts to our lives – and we’ve all got fabulous parts to our lives. Your life is both – so is mine!

It all comes down to choice. What you want to do this week is when people say, ‘how you doing’, focus on how great your life is and answer that way. Here’s an example: I have a woman that does my printing and for the last 15 years, every time I walk in and say ‘how you doing?’, she says “Excellent!” Every single time: “Excellent!” I don't know how that is…but what an excellent choice!

Have an excellent week this week. I will too. Beats the alternative!