This week…or this month…or this quarter…or maybe the whole year…do your best. In other words, be your best. At work? Give it a hundred percent. In your relationships? Give it a hundred percent. At home and outside of work, whether you’re with your spouse, your kids, your partner, your friends - give your life 100 percent, so whatever you put out comes back you tenfold, and sometimes 100-fold, so be your absolute best this week. (A week? Yep. But if that seems like too much to start with, shoot for a day. An hour. A minute! You’ll be surprised how quickly those 100% moments start to add up.)

And remember, you’re NOT doing this for your job…but they’ll benefit. Not for the kids…but they'll benefit. Not for your spouse, your partner…but they’ll benefit! Not for your family…but they’ll benefit. Not for your friends…but they’ll benefit! You do it for YOU…so that when your head hits the pillow at the end of the day, you say “Oh, yeah…!” because it feels so good. 

Do your best this week – and I will too.

See you next week!