There's a story about an old man sitting at his porch at the edge of town. A guy pulls up with his family and says, “I am moving to this town, can you tell me what the people are like?”

The old many says, “Well, what are the people like in the town you just came from?”

The man says, “Oh, they’re negative, critical, not very good.” The old man responds “Well, I expect you’ll find the people here are about the same.”

About a week later, another man pulls up to the old man’s home and asks the same question:  “Hey, old man, what are the people like in this town?” The old man answers the question with a question: “Well, what are the people like in the town you just came from?”

The man said, “Oh, they were wonderful! Very kind and giving, very helpful, very neighborly, wonderful people and wonderful town!” The old man responds, “Well, you’ll probably find the same in this town.”

About six months later, the man is at a Chamber event and sees both of the “new” arrivals. He asks the first man, “So, what’s it been like here for you?” The man responds, “You were right: the people are so negative and critical, just unbelievable!” 

He then sees the second man and asks the same question. The second man responds, “Hey, you were absolutely right – they’re friendly, they’re neighborly, I love this town!” 

See: it’s all about your point of view. What you will see is not necessarily what’s there – you’ll see what it is you want to see based on your own expectations. It’s a great lesson: keep those expectations fair, and realistic, and WISE.