Have you ever considered that when somebody drives you nuts, it may be an aspect of your own personality they’re reflecting back on you? When you see somebody and you say, “Oh, that guy’s a bully,” or “That person is inconsiderate,” or “Wow, that person just doesn’t care!”, maybe they’re showing you part of your own personality that you haven’t accepted or acknowledged! 

It's an interesting perspective on looking at life, and I guarantee I didn't like it when I first heard that. I immediately thought, “Hey, I know I’m not like that…I’m NOT like that!” Then, when I stepped back, looked at myself, and told the truth, I realized: “Yeah, you know, I am…I am that aspect of me.” And I liked that realization even LESS. 

And when I saw those same things in others, I really didn't like it, so what I did was learn from other people…things to do, and thing NOT to do. And I worked on myself and began to accept myself too. Yeah, that's the way I am, but I don't like it, so I work on not being a bully…not being inconsiderate of people’s feelings. I want to be considerate of people's feelings…I want to be kind…I want to be thoughtful. So, I work on that. 

When I see people that are like that, I also try to accept that’s the way they are. And I accept that’s the way I am. I don’t want to be, and I’m not going to be that way, but it’s part of me. And in a way, it’s part of all of us.

So: be kind. Be considerate of people’s feelings. Be thoughtful this week. Love yourself. 


We’ll see you next week!