Every day, you get into the batter's box and you take up your stance,  and the bat in your hands is your opportunity, okay? What comes at you – the ball – is Monday. So you swing!

Next day, the ball comes at you: it's called Tuesday.

Next day's Wednesday…next day's Thursday!

Every day you’re in the batter's box, you have an opportunity to hit a single or a double or a triple or even a home run! If there's a lot of people around you, you might even hit a Grand Slam!

So, this week when you get in that batter’s box, take that bat and FOCUS on that day. You HIT that ball. I hope you hit the cover off it. I hope you hit a home run every day. I hope you hit a Grand Slam this week!

We’re in the batter’s box. Let’s do this. Have a great week!