When we seek support from other people and gain their wisdom, a lot of times when we gain their wisdom it's something we already know. In fact, when they bring forth certain things, we go, “I KNEW that already…!” But sometimes, you need that reminder to bring forth your own discipline, your courage, your ‘I can do this’ attitude. The power…that “YEAH!”

See, you already have all that in the side of you. It’s just that sometimes we all need to be reminded of it. I need to be reminded of it! We all need people to tell us we can do something. A little extra boost…a bit of encouragement. And when you get that, you go, “Oh yeah, I forgot!” You just forgot, and those people that give you that insight are just reminding you how fabulous you are.

Let me do that right now.

You are fabulous. Yes, you are. YES, you ARE.

Let it in. Let it in! Today, tomorrow, for the whole week. For the rest of your life! 

And here’s an idea: now YOU tell somebody the same thing. 

Have a great week. You’re bound to!