Are you really,really busy? I'll tell you, be careful of that sentence and the sentiment “I'm really busy!” Sometimes, people busy themselves up so much with little things, they don’t really realize their life is flying by. Know what I mean? Big stuff doesn't get taken care of, because you're busy with the all the little stuff that consumes your time and attention…and you don’t realize the big stuff – the really important stuff – is passing you by. Sometimes, you need to stop and look at your life and begin to appreciate what we have.

If you get too focused on how busy you are, let it in…let it in…and then let it out. Don’t let it overwhelm you – if it does, you run the risk of letting it out all over whoever is in front of you!

Appreciate your life. Let it in, let it out. And be careful you don't get too busy. “I'm busy. I’m busy! I said, I'm busy!” Guess what: we're all busy. So…how are you going to handle it?

See you next week!