Have you ever heard the saying, “Today is called ‘the present’, because it’s a gift”? Think about it! What a vitally important gift today, THIS day, actually is to us, and to our lives!

It’s really easy to lose sight of the fact that what happened yesterday is just that – it’s happened, it’s gone, and it can’t be changed. Same with tomorrow: you’ve got to remember that tomorrow is promised to nobody. It will be what it turns out to be...and we gain nothing (but wrinkles!) by worrying about either one.

Another way to look at it: why is the rear-view mirror in your car smaller than the windshield? It’s because what’s happened in your past – what’s behind you – is not nearly so important as what’s coming up in your future! 

Instead, let’s focus on the gift of ‘today’– the present. Be here NOW. Be in the moment. Do your very best to appreciate each day for what it is and remember that what you make of each day is YOUR gift back to the Universe and those around you.