I recommend you get a yes button.  And pretend the yes button is like the Universe... answering any question you may have.  Let me try a few questions:

Is this going to be a great week for us?  

BUTTON SAYS:  "A ha-ha, YES!"

Is it going to be a great day today?  

BUTTON SAYS: "Well Yes."

Is this going to be my best year I've ever had?


Does my wife love me?

BUTTON SAYS: "yes - yes - yes - yes - yes - yes."

Ah ha ha... great!  Will I be really healthy between 

now and the die that I die?


Thank you very much.  You have to make sure you don't ask the yes button the wrong question. Like... am I going to have a terrible day today?

BUTTON SAYS:  "Well yes."

See, that's the problem.  So, you've got to be sure you ask the right question.  Here is a 

great question that we can all ask:  Are we going to have a fabulous week this week, a great month, a great quarter AND a fabulous, wonderful and successful year?  All of us?Everyone watching this and me? Everyone we know?


Are you sure?

BUTTON SAYS:  "yes - yes - yes - yes - yes - yes."

There ya' go, the yes button.  Have a great week. Well now you can't help it, right.  We've got the answer!  See you next week.

If you need your very own yes button, here’s a link to Amazon.com where you can purchase one now. 


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