A long time ago, back in the year 2000, I got a CD from this spiritual woman who would give a talk on New Year’s Day every year. The talk that year was called “Believe In Love”. I liked her message so much that I listened to the CD 16 times. It was an hour long...and I listened to it 16 times! 

One of the things she said in her message was that you should “Only show love to the witness behind your eyes.”  That really got my attention, because I did - and still do occasionally - watch violent shows. You go to the movies, and what you see is often violent. There’s violence on the TV shows you watch. And if the news isn’t showing violence, then it’s certainly negative much of the time!

“Only show love to the witness behind your eyes.” Seek out the positive. Look for and focus on the beautiful things. They are there, and it’s our job to find them and show them – the positive, the beautiful, the love in the world – to the witness behind our eyes.

It’s an interesting way to live life. Think about it...give it a shot...see what happens.

See you next week!