When I was in my 20’s, I read a book called “The Only Dance There Is”. It was a book by Ram Dass, who is a spiritual guy. (You can follow him on Twitter: @BabaRamDass!) 

The only dance there is. Ram Dass said, “The only dance there is in this life, is to work on yourself. You, working on you.” He said, “Don't worry about your parents. Did you ever try to change your parents?” I read that, and I'm like, “Yeah…didn’t work!” Broaden that circle: did you ever try to change your spouse? Ahhh…doesn’t work either. How about your kids? Your friends?

What Ram Dass meant – and I believe he’s right – is the only person you really want or need to work on in this life is you! You work on you. You’re sculpting your life. And you want your life to be - at the end of your life – a magnificent masterpiece. And you accomplish that by sculpting every day. That's what this is about: making your life great, day by day.

So today, you work on yourself. And tomorrow. And the next day…and the next day. This week. This month. This quarter. This year! I will too. I will do my best to go through fears and beyond negativity and to develop a great life. It won’t be easy…but I want to do it.

You with me?

See you next week!