Good morning! It’s Monday!

And no matter how you feel about Monday, the fact is we’ll never have a chance to do this day over again. Forget about ‘Monday’, and think about the fact that the possibilities and opportunities of this day are endless! You want to make sure you see them, grab them – and do something with them. 

Today, Monday – when it turns into tomorrow, it’s going to be yesterday, you see? So…we only have this day ONCE. You want to live it to the fullest and give it your absolute best shot – don’t let those opportunities go by.

And maybe the opportunity is simply to say ‘hello’ to an older person. Give them a little “How ya’ doin? Good to see ya.” Or how about a co-worker? Or – be really friendly when you go home tonight? Seize that moment with your family! When they say, “How was your day?”, say “It was GREAT!” 

Don’t let the opportunity pass you by. 

Remember, we only have this day…