Let's talk about the news. 

Be careful how much news you watch. The news tends to be negative, especially the front page of the paper…or the first part of the news, whether it be on television or on your phone. 

Be careful. Because what you ingest, you have to digest! One woman in one of my seminars told me about the different approach she and her husband take to the news. She said, “My husband wakes up every morning and watches the news, and he’s very negative.” She told him, “Honey, I'm not gonna watch the news.” Her husband was shocked and said she’d be “out of touch”. Her response? “I don’t watch the news, and I know what’s going on, because it’s out there – it’s always out there!”  

And she’s right. The news is always there, and it seems like it’s always negative, especially these days. So, be careful how much news you watch – but it’s not just about the news. Be careful how much negativity you let in to your mind and your heart. Those are sacred places in your being, and you want to make sure to keep them that way by adding only positive things. So, be careful of the news!