The ability to be a good listener is the most underrated quality out there. A good listener is worth their weight in gold. Listening is essential in customer service. Listening is essential – and I mean GOOD listening - is essential in being a good manager or supervisor. Listening is essential in your relationship with your partner or spouse. Listening with your kids is HUGE.  And with your friends, well, they'll realize you care about them.

Not a good listener? Then listen. Work on it. Practice listening. The way I practice listening is that I meditate for thirty minutes a day, about five days a week. And I do it first thing in the morning, before the day gets into my head and makes me focus on everything else. It makes me a better listener: I'm more focused, and I'm more present in the moment - I'm a better listener.

Listening is underrated. Do your best to be a great listener - a better listener - a fabulous listener this week, and see what happens. See what happens! You’ll get people’s attention – I guarantee it.

Give it a shot – I will too.

See you next week!