When we listen to someone, we are responsible for creating the space for them to communicate into. Why is it important to be a really good listener? Listening shows you care. Listening shows your respect. Listening shows you respect and care about the person that’s speaking to you, and consider them and what they have to say important.

If you're not a good listener, and you have someone like a co-worker, friend, spouse, or a child who wants to communicate a problem they have, what happens? Not only do you run the risk that they walk away with the problem still, but they think the person they’ve chosen to communicate to doesn’t care about them…that maybe you don't care about them. And that’s NOT the message you want to send. Is it???

So, work on your listening skills. Have you heard the saying “The good Lord gave you two ears and only one mouth for a reason!”? The whole idea is so that you can listen twice as much as you speak, and in doing so, you create an environment that’s safe for communication. Be a great listener today…this week…this month…this year.

Some days, it will be easier to do than others…but work on your listening skills. If you’re a good listener, it shows you respect and care about the person that's sharing whatever they're sharing with you. Okay? I'll work on my listening skills, you work on your listening skills, and we will get together again next week.

See you then!