Many people in my seminars ask me, “How do I deal with a co-worker who’s a jerk?  Who doesn’t get their work done.” Can you relate? They talk incessantly and WAY TOO LOUD! Very disruptive to everyone else’s work flow.  And some are overtly fragrant…lots of perfume…or aftershave…or more challenging still, a complete lack thereof. “I’m sorry…but you don’t naturally smell like Chanel No. 5.” More aggravating still is that they don’t carry their own weight! They get paid just like the rest of us, except the rest of us end up doing THEIR work in addition to ours. It’s nuts! 

I’ll tell ya’ what: these folks seem to have been put in our paths as a TEST. Just to see if you can take it. What I recommend is that you focus on the positive. You focus… on your own job and doing it to the best of your ability. DON’T let them get in your way.   

See ya’ next week!   Steve

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