Have you heard of the Blue Dot Theory? It goes something like this.

Imagine a blue wall that you painted white, and you’re really excited to show it off. What are you going to see first – all the great white space, or the blue space you missed?

Admit it: your attention went to that blue dot!. And that’s why it's called the Blue Dot Theory. We tend to notice what’s wrong in people and in ourselves. The shortcomings, the negatives, the faults.

Think about it. When you walk into somebody’s office and see a picture that’s crooked, you immediately think, “Look at that picture!” You notice it when the picture is crooked, not when it’s straight, right?

If someone you were having lunch with had a piece of lettuce in their teeth, you'd be like “Ooh, hey, just so you know...” (When was the last time you commented on how white or straight somebody’s teeth were?)

When you're coming to a stop sign and somebody blows the stop sign? You notice that, right? When everybody stops like they’re supposed to, you don't go, “Look at that, 

nobody blew the stop sign – everybody stopped!”

So, we all have that tendency. When you are in front of a mirror in the morning, what do you notice? Do you notice how beautiful you are? How great you are? How wonderful you are? Or do you notice all the problems instead...that you're getting older? You’re chunkier? You’re losing your hair, and all that? 

This week, you want to look at how wonderful you are. Look at how great your life is...how powerful and how thoughtful, how kind and considerate you are...and then

share that with others!

See you next week!