This Thursday is Thanksgiving.  A time when we get together with our family...we eat, we share our love. We tell our family members how much we appreciate them.  I feel it is one of, if not the greatest, holidays of the year.  No presents, no extras. Just me, you, the special people in our lives… sharing a meal, looking into one another's eyes and telling each other – your loved ones, your family, your friends – how much love and appreciation you have for each other.

Thank YOU for watching these Beck Shorts each week.  I know you're a positive person, because negative people don't watch them – only positive people do.  So, thank you.  And thank you for forwarding them on to your friends, family and colleagues.  I appreciate you and love you.   See ya' next week!

Keynote Speaker and sales trainer, Steve Beck, will show your sales staff, customer service reps, managers and leaders how to be more engaging, more personable and more…thankful.  So, they will generate more success for themselves and for your company.  Have Steve come in to speak or work with your people.

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