So, I’m playing golf with my father, brother, and sister at Olympia Fields Country Club. I'm 16 years old, and I'm slicing them and I'm hooking them, which means the ball’s going to the right, going to the left…I'm missing shots…not good…I'm swearing.

My father comes over - now I have to tell you that Olympia Fields Country Club is one of the most prestigious, gorgeous golf courses in the world. They played the US Open there a couple of years ago. It is a fabulous golf course and it's a beautiful day! Sun’s out, clouds are going by…

My dad says, “Hey take it easy! Look around. Look around!”

So, he made me stop. I looked around and saw beautiful oak trees, maple trees, weeping willows, flowers, a manicured beautiful Golf Course, and he said, “It's not always about the score. Sometimes you have to realize how beautiful it is on the golf course.” 

It was a metaphor for life. I realized that as I got older: that maybe when things get difficult, I should stop and look around. As they say, “Smell the flowers.”

This week let's do that. Let’s ALL do that. Let’s smell the flowers. Let's stop our life for a second, look around and realize how GREAT we have it. Let that in and then share that with others. That’s our job…our responsibility.