You know, when you're happy with your life and you go around and ‘Shine Your Light’, you show you have enthusiasm, and excitement for life. You turn people on! Your positive attitude and presence have a great impact - you are illuminating dark places inside of them!  Everybody’s got that place inside where it’s all dark and everything is negative. But when you share your enthusiasm and excitement for life, what happens? All of a sudden, that dark room inside of them becomes illuminated! 

You’ve had this happen to you: you meet somebody, and you have a little interaction with them. Sometimes it’s just a few minutes. But when they walk away, you say, “I don’t know why, but I feel great when I’m around that person!”, or “Boy, I don’t know what it is, but I’ll have some of what they’re having!”

You have that same ability to make people feel great. And I’m not talking about going to work tomorrow and saying “Hi, everybody, let’s all hug!” You and I both know they’re gonna think you’re nuts! I’m just talking about having enthusiasm and excitement with your life – and then sharing that with others. Have a great time at work! Have a great time with your friends! Have a great time with your family! See what happens.

See you next week!