This week I want you to be very cognizant of what you say.  Your word is law in your universe.  So you want to be cognizant... in other words, put a camera right here and watch HOW you do what you do in life;  how stand and your body language, but most importantly... WATCH  YOUR  THOUGHTS. Do your thoughts serve you... or not? You want to have very positive thoughts about your life, about yourself,about  your family, about everything... if you can.  And it just takes a little time.  Change your routine, change your thoughts.  Look at things as being positive versus negative.  Be careful what you spoon feed yourself.  If you spoon feed yourself a lot of the news on TV, you'll be negative. Be careful who you hang around with.  If you hang around negative people you'll probably be negative.  Talk to yourself in a positive way.  Be positive this week. Watch your thoughts.  See ya' next week.

Keynote Speaker, Steve Beck, will show your sales staff, customer service reps and managers how to become more cognizant of their thoughts. Positive thoughts yield positive results in life. Negative thoughts yield negative results. Simple concept but easier said than done… for many of us.  Have Steve come work with your team to get the job done… with more positive results!
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