I have a recommendation for you.

Don't let your grandparents, or an older uncle or aunt, or the elders in your tribe leave…pass on…without you extracting information from them. That information can contain great wisdom…and you don’t know until you ask.

It's done by questioning. Here are some of the questions you could ask:

  • •What was your life like when you were my age?
  • •Did you know your grandparents? And what were they like?
  • •Did they ever share stories with you?
  • •What one bit of advice would you give me to make life even better than it already is?

Don't let that wonderful information and wisdom pass you by. You’re going to find it’s a winning proposition for everyone: you’ll be surprised to find they love talking about it, and you’ll also be surprised to find how much you love hearing about it. 

Make the most of the opportunity. Ask those questions. 

And have a great time doing so!