Question: do you brush your teeth in the morning? You go, “Yeah, are you kidding me?”

Do you have coffee and something to eat? Do you take a shower? Do you make your bed?

You’re like, “Yeah! These are habits!”

Here’s a new habit I want you to include: mentally preparing for the day. If this isn’t something you already do, then I want you to make it a habit. Be mindful. Before you leave the house, you say, “Today's gonna be a great day! I'm gonna have a great day! I feel fabulous today!” Make talking to yourself in a positive way a part of your morning routine.

You mentally prepare for the day, just like you brush your teeth, make your bed, have a little something to eat, take a shower…

It's a habit – a good habit. Mentally preparing for the day in a positive way is a good habit. And who can’t use another good habit in their life?