Let’s talk about negative thoughts for a moment.

When you have a negative thought about yourself, it should be a trigger to change the negative thought into positive. OK? It’s just that simple.

When you think, “I am such an idiot!”, you need to say, “No no, wait, wait, woah – I am VERY intelligent.”

When you say, “I am so lazy”, instead say “I’ve got incredible energy.”

So, turn that negative into a positive for yourself. 

How do you do that? Listen. Pay attention to your negative thoughts – be mindful of them. When you have a negative thought, they say, you should have 7 positive thoughts to offset the negative thought. So, when you hear a negative thought from that internal voice, offset it with 7 positive thoughts.

“I’ll never make it.” 

Instead, say, “I WILL make it.” “I will succeed.” “This will be great.” “This will be a fabulous day!”

Keep talking to yourself in a positive way. How do you talk to yourself in a positive way? Let it be triggered by negative thoughts! So, negative thoughts aren’t necessarily bad – don’t resist them. Just say, “OK, great, thank you for that input. I’m going to now turn this into a positive.”

Game on.

See you next week!