Everyone has heard the saying “Hindsight is 20-20”. That means you usually always see things much more clearly when you look back on them than you do when you’re in the middle of them.

What if someone could go to the end of your life, and come back and tell you that everything works out fine? That there’s nothing to worry about, and that everything is going to be okay. What would you do?  If they tell you, “Listen, I’ve been there, and don’t worry about it – you’re OK!” What would you do? Hopefully, you’re going to say, “OK, I AM going to relax, I AM going to take it easy, I am NOT going to be so stressed out.”

Let’s pretend that is exactly what’s happened…that we've been to the end of your life and come back and told you everything's going be fine. Nothing to worry about. Everything is going to work out. Why not? 

What a great way to look at life! There's NO need to worry. It IS all going to work out…your life. Don’t worry.