For those of you who worry, or sometimes like to worry, I’ve got a solution for you if you DON’T  want to worry anymore: it's called ‘Plan B’.

Here’s how Plan B works. If you're worried about losing your job, here’s what you do. You think about “Well, if I lost my job, maybe it'll be a good thing! There's two or three things I'd love to do in my career…” So whenever the fear comes up about losing your job, think about Plan B instead! Don’t let the fear rule the day – explore your options.

You’re getting older. You say “I’m worried about my health…” Think about Plan B. Plan B might be taking the time to sit on your couch and catch up on all those Turner movies you haven’t seen in years! Or, Plan B could be making those diet or exercise changes you’ve been thinking about to reduce or eliminate that worry. It’s not too late: explore your options!

What the heck, right? Have a Plan B in your life, so you DON’T worry…and when the worry does come up, you go to Plan B! That’s what I do. There’s no need to worry – it’s a wonderful life. Enjoy! 

So: when worry comes up? Plan B. Got it?

Great! See you next week.