Back in the year 2000, I got a CD from this spiritual woman. She gave these talks on New Year's Day every year, and this particular talk in the year 2000 (a long time ago!) was called “Believe in Love”.  I listened to it like 16 times - it's an hour long – but I listened to it at least 16 times when I got it, and I’ve listened to it more since then.

One of the statements this woman made in her talk was, “Only show love to the witness behind your eyes.” That really got my attention. I know I did then, and still do once in a while, watch violent shows without really thinking about what it is that I’m watching. We’re all guilty of it: you go to the show and it's violent, or watch TV shows that are violent, or the news, where it’s all the negative stuff. And social media – don’t get me started!

“Only show love to the witness behind your eyes.” It’s an interesting philosophy and an interesting way to live life.

Think about it. Remember the saying “Garbage in, garbage out”? Imagine how much more peaceful might your life feel if you make a conscious effort to avoid letting the garbage in, and focus on the good instead? Give it a shot...see what happens.

See you next week.