The front desk clerk at this hotel in Red Lodge, Montana gave me a quote about having a great day.

She said, “One perfect moment in any day can make it a perfect day.”

Think about it. All it takes is one moment. That one moment! We all get caught up in thinking the whole day has to be great, it’s got to be perfect, and every single thing has to go our way. But what about that one moment?

She woke me up to realize that it's one perfect moment in the course of the day that we need to be aware of. That moment, where as you look back on your day as you’re about to put your head down on your pillow, you can focus on that one moment and say, “Yes, it was a great day.”

Focus on how wonderful your life is. Focus on those perfect moments – because there's plenty of them on our journey…it’s our choice what we do with them.