In a recent seminar, there was a young woman sitting in the front who raised her hand at one point. She said, “Everything you're talking about, my grandmother shared with me when I was growing up.”

I asked her to explain what she was talking about.

She shared that her grandmother always told her to remember that each time you meet someone, you leave a little bit of yourself with that person, and they leave a little bit of themselves with you. She got emotional when she shared the rest of her grandmothers comment: “Whatever you leave someone with, that little bit of yourself you leave them with, make sure it’s great.”

What a GREAT message and a great lesson. That’s exactly what my seminars are about! And this girl was lucky – her grandmother taught her this a long time ago. So, thank you, grandmother! 

It’s true: when we meet somebody, we leave a little bit of ourselves with them. So what you want to do is make sure that little bit of yourself you leave with them is your best. Every time.

See you next week.