Fasten your seatbelt: I’m going to read something amazing to you. Did you have any idea that the average person spends:

  • Seven years in the bathroom
  • Six years eating
  • Four years cleaning house
  • Five years waiting in line
  • Two years trying to return phone calls to people who aren't there
  • Three years preparing for meals 
  • One year searching for misplaced items, and…
  • Six months sitting at red lights

WHAT? That’s nearly 30 years!

That time goes by without us realizing it, and no matter how you try, you can’t get it back. So, what you want to do with your time is treat it like it’s water in the desert…a precious commodity. Use it wisely and make the most of it.

So, between now and the rest of your day…your year…your life, you want to make it a point and a priority to maximize your time, because we only have so much. Now we’re talking! 

See you next week.