Here's a story I want to share with you.

A Dallas middle school was having a get-together and it was called “Breakfast with Dad”. They asked some volunteers to come - they wanted to get 30 volunteers - 30 guys to come, because some of the students didn't have fathers.

600 men showed up. 600!

The volunteers, many of whom were police officers and public servants, paired up with boys aged 11 to 13 who attended the event without a dad. They taught the boys things like how to tie a necktie, they asked them about their aspirations. One volunteer, Jason, said he was happy to help. He said, “If I was in the place of these young men, I would like someone to guide me, to coach me, to mentor me.”

Is life great? You better believe it is!

Asking for 30, they got 600. Sometimes, it can feel like asking for help is the toughest thing in the world to do. But the truth is that people want to help – they just need a chance to do so.

Life IS good.