A high school girls basketball tournament. They're doing a free throw contest. Two schools get together. One of the schools practices the free throws: they go to the free throw line and the girls all practice their shots. 

The other team did not go to the gym at all. Instead, the other team spent their time and visualized making the shots. They did not go to the gym at all. On the day of the tournament, guess who won?

It was a tie.

Now, apply that in your own life, and ask yourself this question: what would happen if I worked hard (actual practice) and also visualized the desired outcome, instead of just doing one or the other? 

You can visualize your life going great, and that's good. You can work very hard on your life to be great, and that's good too. 

But you want to do both. Imagine how powerful that could be: to work hard AND visualize the outcome…do it. Watch the results. 

I’m telling you: check it out. Don't forget to visualize…AND don't forget to work hard!