This week, I want to talk about Level One and Level Two thinking.

Level One thinkers talk about ‘I’ and ‘Me’ a lot. They’re selfish and self-absorbed. In some cases, they can’t see the “big picture” – and in some cases, they just don’t care to. They lose sight of the fact that there are other people involved on the journey. 

Level Two thinking is when people DO see all of that – and more. They push in their chair when they leave a restaurant. They hold the door for somebody. They offer assistance to someone without being asked and without a second thought. They say, ‘We’ and ‘Us’, vs. ‘I’ and ‘Me’. They realize that everything they do affects everybody in a negative or positive way.

You want to look at your thinking this week – and elevate your thinking. Go from Level One – “ME!” to Level Two – “US!” You will be glad you did!

Game on! See you next week.