Tom Brady. MVP. Super Bowl. Last year. I saw him on a ’60 Minutes’ interview two years ago, and something he said really caught my attention. During the interview, Brady commented, “You know, there's got to be more.” He was talking about his life, and the interviewer says, “What? Wait a minute, you’ve been the MVP for three of the four Super Bowls that you’ve won, and you’ve won four Super Bowls! Every guy would love to be you!” Brady said, “I know, I know, I know. No, I’m really appreciative of all that, but there’s got to be more.”

I found that comment very interesting. It really tweaked something inside of me, and I thought, “Wow, if a guy that's got all that STILL thinks there's more, then…what IS more? IS there more?” It really made me stop and think: what IS more?

How about your life - is there more? To get, to feel, to experience in your life? Are you done? Have you plateaued? Or is there more…are you still out there searching, learning, improving?

Let's investigate. Let’s find out this week…this month…this year…IS there more?

See you next week.