Is life great? Let’s investigate.

Let me read a few things to you that I thought about this week.

There are people that just blew out candles at their birthday party with their loving family and friends gathered around them. They just heard “Happy Birthday” sung to them and are told, “You are great – Happy Birthday!” 

A woman has had a baby. She's holding the baby and says to her husband – she was told five years ago she couldn’t have a baby – but here she is, holding this baby, and says “Honey, look – we did it!”, and the husband replies “Yeah – we did it!”

Someone just got into a college they didn’t think they’d get into…a friend of yours who had cancer just got the report that she is now cancer-free…some guy who’s been out of work for a year just got a job…some young high school football player was named ‘Athlete of the Week’…two people this past weekend looked into each other’s eyes as they said “I do…I will…I’m thrilled…I love you”, and they got married.

Is life great? You better believe it. Is YOUR life great? You better believe it is.

I’ll see you along the path – and see you next week.