I like to focus the positive. When people ask me, “How you doing?”, sometimes I say “Well, you do you want to know how bad it is, or how good it is? Because it’s as good as it is bad, and it’s as bad as it is good. Which one you want?” At that point, they usually say “Oh my gosh, I just asked you how you're doing…!” 

But the truth is, when someone asks us “How you doing?”, we could always tell them how terrible our life is! And then after a while, they’re like, “Oh my gosh, am I glad I’m not you!” Then again, we could focus on the positive instead, and how wonderful our life is, and how lucky we are sometimes...where people would then say “You lucky dog!”  That’s what I tend to do: hold the “poopy” stuff over here, off to the side, and talk about how fabulous my life is instead. Focus on the positive!

Let’s try that this week. What the heck! We all have a terrible life and a wonderful life. Let’s focus on the wonderful life!

See you next week.