A couple of years ago I worked at the Hollywood Casino on Aurora Illinois.  There was a young girl there, working at the entrance of the Casino.  It was to greet people as they entered.  She was saying good morning, or good afternoon to people… but she didn’t smile very much.  So I said to her, “Hey you know what I want you to do – THIS WEEK, because I’ll be back in a week – is, I want you to smile at EVERY PERSON who walks into this casino.  And I want you to say.  “HI, or GOOD MORNING!  Or GOOD AFTERNOON!  Or WELCOME TO HOLLYWOOD!   Okay?  With a Great Big Smile!  Do that for the week, then we’ll talk.”  She said, “Okay.”

I returned a week later. I see her. She yells out, “Hey Steve!  Guess what?”  I said “What?”  Of course, I already knew what was coming. :)  She said, “When I smile at people – they all smile back at me!”  I said, “Wada ya know!”  

So when you smile at people, most of them will smile back at you.  When you’re kind to people, most people will be kind to you.  If you’re considerate of peoples’ feelings, they’ll be considerate of your feelings. If you love people, they’re going to love you too.So… go ahead and put it out there and you'll see that it comes back to you… ten fold… sometimes a hundred fold. See ya’ next week!   Steve

Keynote Speaker and sales trainer, Steve Beck, will show your sales staff, customer service reps, managers and leaders how to be more engaging, more personable and more… human.  So, they will generate more success for themselves and for your company. Have Steve come in to speak or work with your people.

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