Here it is:

Whatever it is you’re doing, you want to go from “have to” to “want to” to “love to”.

Laundry needs done? No more “I have to do laundry.” Change your mind to you ‘want’ to do the laundry…to you ‘LOVE’ to do the laundry! (Dirty clothes? Or clean clothes? The choice is yours!)

What about your job? “I have to go to work.” Blah! How about, “I want to go to work”…and “I LOVE to go to work!” (I guarantee you the people around you are going to notice right away, and YOU will feel better too!)

‘Have to’, to ‘want to’, to ‘LOVE to’. 

How about the dishes. “I have to do the dishes.” To “I want to do the dishes”…to “I LOVE doing the dishes!” (Dirty dishes? Or clean dishes? The choice is yours!)

Can you go from “have to” to “want to” to “love to” in your life? Think about it…the more you make the choice do that, the happier you’ll be!

So, take your mindset from “have to”, to “want to”, to “LOVE to”. 

Give it a shot – see what happens!