There are three things you cannot control: the weather, other people, and the day of the week.

So, to complain about a Monday is useless. It’s just like any other day, but we’re the ones who have given it a bad rap!

To complain about the weather is ridiculous. Sure, maybe the clouds or rain are getting you down, or the heat is uncomfortable. Talk about “it is what it is” – Mother Nature is in control there!

To complain about other people? When was the last time you saw that accomplish anything? Forget about trying to change other people – they don’t care, and you’ll be a lot happier!

Just enjoy…Mondays. And love the people who drive you nuts…or at least accept them. And the weather? Embrace it (and consider the alternative!)

If you can get to the point where you can do those things, you’ve won. It's called ‘Gettin’ jiggy with it’!

So let’s get jiggy with it this week! Love it the way it is – love it the way it ain’t.