One of the things in life we all need to realize is that we're all in this together. That the people you live with, the people you work with, even strangers – they’re going through a lot of different things, and a lot of the same things you're going through.

We’ve all got issues…we’ve all got problems. Everybody's got a story. Everyone’s got a story, and some of them are sad and some of them are difficult, and some are just horrendous. And we all have that. You just never know what someone is dealing with.

Be considerate of other people's feelings this week and treat people with kindness, knowing that

they've got a story behind that beautiful face of theirs. Sometimes people mask it real well: “How you doing?” “Good!”, and they’re the happiest person in the world…but everyone's got a story, I’ll tell you right now.

So, you want to be kind, thoughtful, and considerate of their feelings today…every day. You may not get it back…but then again, you may when you least expect it – and need it most.

Let’s all try it.