This week, I want to talk about Level 1 and Level 2 thinking. We all know people who think in each of those ways. Let me explain.

Level 1 thinkers talk about “I” and “me” a lot. They’re self-absorbed; they don't see the big picture. The way they see things, there's them…and there’s everybody else.

Level 2 thinking is done by people who DO see the big picture. It shows in little ways and in big ways: they push in their chair when they leave a restaurant. They hold the door for somebody. They say “we” and “us”, versus “I” and “me”. They understand we’re all in this together, and they realize that everything they do affects everyone around them in a negative or positive way!

THINK about your thinking this week. Try to change your thinking. If you catch yourself focused on Level 1 thinking (“ME!”), set that aside and focus on Level 2 instead: “US”. Elevate your thinking!