Life-Work Balance 

Is it You, or Is Life Just Moving Too Fast? (Half Day)

If your staff is like most people, life is moving faster and is more complex now than it was just a few short years ago. Technology and our embrace of it has blurred the lines between work life and personal time by making us constantly accessible.

Life-Work Balance is about learning how to structure our life to improve our attitude, mood, and performance both personally and professionally. Not being balanced can manifest into serious health problems and send your health care costs skyrocketing.

The purpose of this training is to have participants:

  • Learn 12 action steps to create balance in their everyday life
  • Learn 10 tips to 'reduce stress' at home and the office
  • Replace 'bad' habits with 'good' habits

Exceptional Customer Service Part III

Exceeding Customers' Expectations (Half Day)

The E.C.S. (X) Factor Training Part III has participants examine what exactly customers expect from their interaction with your organization and then examine what they can do in every situation to make it better and exceed that customer's expectations.

This training seminar is designed to have participants 'WOW' each customer every day, every single time!!!

The purpose of this training is to have participants:

  • Exceed customer expectations by first examining what the customer expects
  • Find out how big the difference is between 'satisfied' and 'completely satisfied' really is
  • Learn what it takes to win 'Employee of the Year!'