Exceptional Customer Service Part I

Is Your Organization Providing the E.C.S. (X) Factor? (Half Day)

The E.C.S. (X) Factor Training Seminar is about creating and maintaining Exceptional Customer Service in your organization. Participants discover that their job is not just a job, but in fact a performance on 'How to Be Their Best Every Day!'

The purpose of this training is to have participants:

  • Have a Great Day Every Day!
  • Understand how much their attitude affects their customers and their co-workers
  • Learn 21 task skills involved in delivering Exceptional Customer Service

Exceptional Customer Service Part II

Going to the Next Level (Half Day)

Participants look at their communication skills and how they can improve them. They become much better at communicating at work and with everyone in their lives. Why is this important? Clear communication sends the message that they really care about that customer, co-worker, and their job.

The purpose of this training is to have participants:

  • Communicate effectively with customers and their manager or supervisor
  • Learn how to flex 'their style' when dealing with someone not like them
  • Handle difficult customers in an effective way so everyone wins