I’ve got a breathing exercise for you – here’s what you do.

On the “in breath”, or the inhale, say “I am…”, and as you breathe out or exhale, say something positive about yourself. It’s easy!

(Inhale) “I am…”  (Exhale) “…very confident.”

(Inhale) “I am…” (Exhale) “…extremely healthy.”

(Inhale) “I am…” (Exhale) “…a positive person.”

So, the inhale is “I am…”, and the exhale is something positive about yourself or something you’d like to manifest in your life.

Try it! Do it on a regular basis so it becomes habit. Sure, you might feel silly at first, but so what? Just imagine how positive you’re going to feel in the long run. It’s a gateway to all kinds of positive things!