There are treasures that are hidden inside of you…and these treasures hope you have the courage to bring them forth. This is what Elizabeth Gilbert talks about her new book, “Big Magic”. Just read it and LOVED it. Let me just read to you what she says:

“Do you have the courage to bring forth your treasures? They are hoping you say ‘yes’. This is our quest, this is our job in life: to realize that there are treasures, there are presents inside of you waiting for you to arrive and to open them up!”

What a wonderful way to look at life.  I hope that this week – this year - you go on that quest, and you open up some of those treasures…open up some of those presents that are waiting for you to arrive. They're there, and they’re saying, “C’mon man! We’re ready for you!”

Alright! That's our quest - that's our job.

See you next week!

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