This week, be a great customer.

When you’re in the hardware store, or any place of business – buying clothes, say - be a great customer. Yeah, I know: they’re there to serve YOU, right? That’s true, but it will pay to remember a couple things: First, know that the people waiting on you have been dealing with people all day long. And next, you can be sure that some of the people they’ve been dealing with have been a little, well…poopy, OK?

So, you want to be the person where when you walk away from them, they say, “She's great!” “That guy is a wonderful guy!” “I love when they come into our store!” 

Right? Be a great customer instead of being demanding. There are some people that are SO demanding…but what does that really get them? Think about it…

Be a great customer and see what happens. You’ll see it’s another area of life where whatever you put out comes back to you tenfold…and sometimes, a hundredfold.

Keynote Speaker and sales trainer Steve Beck will show your sales staff, customer service reps, your managers, and leaders how to be great customers – and how to share that greatness in their own lives, with your organization, AND with your clients. Have Steve come in and work with your people!

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