Scientists say that our attention span used to be sixty seconds. Now they say it's nine to twelve seconds…or that of a goldfish. A goldfish?!

So, how do you get your focus back when you're losing it? When you begin to hear your thoughts go everywhere…at 90 miles an hour…everywhere but where you are at the moment? 

To save yourself and bring yourself back “down to earth”, focus. (Some people call it practicing “mindfulness”.) Either way, focus and bring yourself back to the present moment. When you're listening to somebody and your thoughts suddenly float away, and you’re thinking about your shopping list…or which errand you need to run first…or what time you need to leave to pick your kids up on time…whatever it might be. (See? It happened right there, didn’t it?)

Just say to yourself, “Listen…listen…focus.” Be firm, but pleasant - just like you’re training your dog! Bring yourself back to the present moment, and…listen…listen…focus. You’ll see: you will be more focused, and you’ll be a better listener. It will help. Wait and see.

See you next week!