This week's subject is negative thoughts and positive thoughts.  It is said that if you have a negative thought, you have to replace it with seven (7) positive thoughts.  So if you have a negative thought to be replaced by positive thoughts... oh my gosh!  You know what will happen?  You'll be saying positive things about yourself during the course of the day... and I highly recommend that!  When you continually say positive things about yourself... when you look at your life and look at your thoughts…  at how positive or negative they are… negative thoughts will begin to trigger the exact opposite so you’ll begin saying positive thoughts! For every negative thought, say 7 seven positive thoughts and sees what happens!  If you want to be more positive, it’s easy.  Just notice your negative thoughts and switch then to positive. Okay… let’s have a great week and I’ll see you…next week…….

Keynote Speaker, Steve Beck, will show your sales staff, customer service reps and managers that by being a great customer, they will eventually attract more great clients. Have Steve come in to speak to your team.

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