Here are six daily habits of the world's most successful CEOs. Want to know what

they do? I was curious to know what they did – the world's most successful CEOs:

1) They get up early. And the story talks about some of them getting up at 4:30 and 5:00. In the morning. Yep!

2) They exercise regularly, so they work on getting in shape. Remember, exercise isn’t to punish you for something you’ve done, it’s to celebrate what you’re capable of doing.

3) They meditate every day. The story talks about Oprah doing Transcendental Meditation, which is twice a day; she says she does 20 minutes in the morning for sure and in the afternoon she works on that - she doesn't always do her 20 minutes then, but she does 20 minutes in the morning.

4)  They cut back on meetings. They value their time! They don't want to sit in meetings with people going on and on and on. They value their time and only sit in on important meetings.

5) They organize their details. So, they're attentive to the things like crossing the t’s, dotting the i’s. They make sure they're prepared for things.

So…can't you do these things? Can't I do these things? We might not be the most successful CEOs in the world, but we can get up early…exercise regularly…meditate every day…cut back on meetings…organize the details…and…this is where you point out that’s only FIVE habits, right? (Good job paying attention to details!)

6) The business magazine Fast Company did a poll where 60% of those surveyed said that creativity will be the most important leadership quality over the next five years. Wow! Creativity is so, so, so important these days, and it’s going to get even more important. So, it’s up to you to apply your creativity to getting those first five actions to become habits in your life!